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sunset lodge

Located on 40 acres of private & natural bushland, the Sunset Lodge offers glamping with your dogs.
It serves as a separate and/or additional accommodation or teenage retreat to
our lovely three one-bedroom cottages and eco caravan camping park.

dog training + sup hire



Dog Run and Socializing

One of the great features at The Summit 1770 is the weekly dog run in a large fenced area on the property that is available to our visitors and the local community at large. It is usually conducted every Tuesday and Friday from 4:30 pm in the cooler months and from 5 pm when the…

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Visiting @ The Summit

To be honest, we were imposters at The Summit 1770. We tried to hide it from fellow guests at this stunning hilltop accommodation at Agnes Water on Central Queensland’s Discovery Coast, but it didn’t take long for them to notice that in the matter of man’s best friend, we were seriously canine-deficient. It was a…

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Your dog may be your best friend…..but it’s important to realise that your dog is a dog. The foundation of Chris’s training and the reason it is effective is because it is based on how socially well-balanced dogs interact with one another. Understanding and communicating through DOG BODY-LANGUAGE is the key to becoming the leader…

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