Visiting @ The Summit

To be honest, we were imposters at The Summit 1770. We tried to hide it from fellow guests at this stunning hilltop accommodation at Agnes Water on Central Queensland’s Discovery Coast, but it didn’t take long for them to notice that in the matter of man’s best friend, we were seriously canine-deficient.

It was a nice twist, being on the outer for NOT bringing your dog to an upmarket boutique resort, but owner Chris de Aboitiz insisted that four-legged friends were optional. That said, if dogs aren’t your cup of tea, you might want to think twice before booking, but after a few days spent at The Summit, I can honestly say that one of the great pleasures of being there was seeing so many dogs having an actual holiday – not just waiting

around while their owners had one! This is a dog’s paradise, no two ways about it, but you need only visit the twice-weekly sunset “dog run” on the 40-acre property to see that a holiday here is as much about human bonding as it is about getting to know your dogs better.

This is all down to Chris de Aboitiz, a former world tandem surfing champion and one of the leading all-round watermen in the world, who has perhaps become best known in recent years for his dog-surfing exploits, seen at events like the Noosa Festival of Surfing, and on numerous hugely-viewed clips on social media. Chris has managed to combine his passions for the surfing sports with his love of dogs by teaching them to surf with him, and in so doing he has singlehandedly created a booming surf-dog culture around the world.

But while teaching dogs to feel comfortable on an ocean wave, Chris discovered that he also possessed an extraordinary ability to teach dogs a broad range of behavioural patterns and skills. In addition to first-rate accommodation and a wilderness experience close to the pleasures of the town, this is what he offers at The Summit.

So let’s get back to our dog-free stay in a cottage appropriately named “Wine Down”. We did. We surfed the point, paddled the estuary at 1770, walked the trails, and drove up the hill exhausted to sip a few wines on our private deck while watching the waters of Bustard Bay twinkling in the moonlight far below.

Never heard a dog yelp or yap, because they too were in paradise.
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