Dog Run and Socializing

One of the great features at The Summit 1770 is the weekly dog run in a large fenced area on the property that is available to our visitors and the local community at large. It is usually conducted every Tuesday and Friday from 4:30 pm in the cooler months and from 5 pm when the weather gets warmer and the days longer.

There is usually a healthy attendance of local dog owners and visitors to the area alike, taking their furry friends to meet with other dogs and to have a great time. The average attendance is around 10 – 15 dogs of all breeds and sizes but it can swell to larger numbers at times.

And while the dogs are having a great time running, swimming and chasing each other, the humans are gathered around a large fire pit, some with their favourite beverage in hand and have a good time of their own.
Chris the “Dog Whisperer” is usually there to meet with everyone, offer some advice to owners and demonstrate some aspects of the dog behaviour and interaction with other dogs in a large group.

If you are in Agnes Water – 1770 with your dog, do yourself a favour and come to experience to for yourself. Your dog will love you to bits…
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